Sunday April 19th

Dinner and Opening Session, Social
Begin IU EDP by meeting fellow EDP classmates, Alumni and the EDP Board of Trustees during out welcome dinner and the opening session. A social will follow the opening session.

Opening Session
The Art of Motivation
Join international speaker, strategist and author John Kennedy as he presents this timely topic on Sunday evening to our EDP team! "We grow what we feed" and as leaders we want to make sure we are providing a healthy diet of motivation in the workplace. If you feed fear and intimidation, you will grow a resentful and hesitant group of employees. When you feed respect, appreciation, value and belonging, you grow a committed team of employees willing and able to take a positive approach to work and life. Which would you rather grow?

Monday, April 20th

1stYear Students
Risky Business: How to Manage It
Risky Business isn't just legal jargon; it is full of real cases that have affected parks and recreation professionals. A panel of park professionals will share and discuss actual cases, the good, the bad and the ugly. Learn how to manage risk in your facilities, parks and program. Discussion focuses on preventing accidents and property loss and how to counteract excessive legal claims.
Panel Coordinator: Dan Bortner, Director of Indiana State Parks

2nd Year Students
Bridging the Financial GAPS: Developing Grants, Alliances, Partnerships and Sponsors
Managing external resources will provide agencies the opportunity to become fiscally responsible by maximizing sponsorship dollars, reducing costs for services, and controlling the return on investments which will help agencies deal with declining resources.
Speaker: Joseph Wynns, Consultant, Indianapolis, IN

1st Year Students
Transformational Leadership: It's a Business
John Kennedy introduces the concept of the Great Game of Business. The premise is "you can't expect what you can't inspect"...and if we expect a stronger focused effort on the finance side, then there has to be a system to inspect it. John will introduce you to that system.
Speaker: John Kennedy, Consultant, Author and Strategist—John Kennedy Consulting

2nd Year Students
Equity-Parks Serve Everyone
Equity—What does this mean for park systems? Issues of racial inequality are at the forefront today as our country becomes more diverse. We hear a lot about inequities in police interactions, housing, education and access to jobs. The gap between rich and poor is also growing, especially in cities. Do park systems and park agencies have a role in addressing issues of racial and economic equity? What do we need to consider? This session will explore strategies for addressing equitable access to parks and the equitable provision of recreation programs and facilities as demographics of this country change. Learn how to use unique local circumstances and park and community metrics to make funding decisions, address community interests and access park and programming needs.
Speaker: Jayne Miller, President & CEO Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Tuesday April 21st

1st Year Students
The Recruiting Game
Does recruiting seasonal staff give you nightmares? Does finding the right fit for a full time position send you running? If so, you’re not alone. Our staff are the backbone of our organizations, yet finding people who will do the work we have for the rates we’re offering is becoming increasingly difficult as the wages are raising, seniors are working longer and public sector benefits can’t keep up with the private sector. The class will explore what works and what doesn’t, as well as more unique places to find your next team member.
Speaker: Jackie O'Connell, Consultant, Cincinnati, OH

2nd Year Students
Data is Your Friend
If you are like most, you are uncomfortable with data. When you hear things like "analytics and data-driven decision making" we likely will see your backside headed towards the door. Research tells us that this resistance for many is grounded in a general fear of accountability. The reality is that those who work in service driven professions likes parks and recreation rather than in product driven industries can sometimes find it hard to see the value in this new age focus on data. If we can allow ourselves to think differently about data we can begin to see the benefits a bit more clearly and replace fear and anxiety with optimism and a better understanding of what it can do to help us in our work.
Speaker: Jamie Sabbach, Consultant- President & CEO 110%, Inc.

1st and 2nd Year Students
Customer Service 2.0: The customer is not always right! Now what?
This session will go beyond the standard customer service approaches and look at customer service in a different light. Recognizing the need to stay relevant in an everchanging world, while focusing on developing a service culture that is true to your mission and core values rather than just “training” employees. At the conclusion of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify “disruptive innovations” that have changed the way we deliver park and recreation services.
  • Identify techniques that empower employees to deliver customer service even when the customer is wrong. And … Utilize customer service to improve business, advocacy and to STAY Relevant!

Speaker: Phil Gaines, Professor of Practice, Clemson University

Wednesday April 22nd

1st Year Students
Asking the Hard Questions
The political waters, dynamic social and economic environments in which we live and work, and the changing landscape of the business of public parks and recreation have left many to wonder what it will all means moving forward. The management of our organizations today depends on all of us focusing on what is at the heart of our challenges rather than just the symptoms. Too often we find ourselves putting out fires when we should be looking at what caused the blaze in the first place. This "whack -a-mole" approach to managing our systems has led to reactionary management, short sighted vision, and questions concerning why it is we do what we do.
Speaker: Jamie Sabbach, Consultant- President & CEO 110% , Inc.

2nd Year Students
Selection and Interviewing: "The Last Person Standing Wins!"
Hiring the most qualified candidate is fiscally prudent, as the impact of replacing a hire that doesn't work out can be costly. Participants will be introduced to competency-based interviewing techniques and will walk away with an interviewing style that helps select candidates based on their potential to succeed. Includes a 'mock' assessment center process in which attendees will participate.
Speaker: Mick Renneisen, Deputy Mayor- City of Bloomington, IN and Emily Fields, Assistant Director of Human Resources- City of Bloomington, IN